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Hi, I have been working on putting a series of articles together and it is still in progress but would very much like to share some of what I have at this point. What I am going to continue to share is where all of my efforts in affiliate marketing started to actually work and begin to make a profit for me.

This series will give you tools and information to use your site to begin promoting whatever niche you have chosen. It will allow you to serve the ones you have set out to help and get the tools, like what I am sharing here, to them so they too can advance in their efforts.

 [Full Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for ConvertKit and other services provided in this article.] 

So, let’s get started. We are going to start at the beginning of what you need to know for email marketing.

How to Setup Your Email List—Email Marketing Tutorial Part #1

Ok, you have set up a website and you have spent a ton of time creating content and getting approved for quality affiliate programs. You have installed all the links on your site and now are wondering how long it will take for web crawlers to give you enough recognition to rank your site useful among all the other websites out there.

Let’s say, this is a way to bypass that wait. It will still happen in time but why wait? as long as you are providing a useful service and adding quality content you will continue to get ranked but when, how long?

This process will let you take control of that and get your information to people who want it. This promotes activity on our site and decreases the waiting period. Not to mention, you could actually start making sales/commissions right away!

1. Email Service Provider

The first part is all about getting signed up to an email service provider. There are several out there to choose from. The most popular, and ones you may have heard of ConvertKit, Mail Chimp, WPmail, Jilt, Bluehost, and the list goes on! For economical and functionality, I use ConvertKit and strongly recommend them. And here is why!

Spend less time on marketing and more on creating

They help creators like you earn a living online by building tools that help you grow your audience, connect with your true fans, and earn a living by selling digital products and services online.

Grow your audience by turning casual visitors into subscribers

Get those casual social media followers, YouTube viewers, or blog browsers to stick around for more! You can cultivate an audience by sharing your ideas and projects and offering value.

Build a meaningful relationship with your followers

Your relationship with your audience is the foundation of your business. Nurture that connection with consistent and personalized email to turn your audience into true fans.

Earn an income doing what you love

Turn the trust and relationship you’ve built with your audience into sales. You can set up funnels to automatically pitch your digital products to engaged customers and make the sale right inside ConvertKit.

2. Optin Form

Another advantage to using ConvertKit is they provide all the tools you need for email marketing in one place. This cuts down on the use of plugins on your site improving its performance.

Grow your email list with sign-up forms and landing pages

Set up a landing page or add a signup form to your website to share a new creative project in minutes. And because every ConvertKit account comes with unlimited forms and pages, you can share every single idea you come up with.

Build beautiful pages in minutes

Designed by world-class pros, our fully customizable templates are made to catch eyes and grow email lists. There’s no coding required, and they’ll look great on every device.

Get Started Making Money On Your Site!

I am going to share a video to explain why email lists are essential components of your business and share some experiences with email. It will also teach you how to set up your email service provider and show you the basics of adding a signup form to your website. Lastly, there is a demo and setup instructions for ConvertKit, my chosen email service provider, but the lessons I teach you will apply to any platform. [Full Disclosure: I’m a compensated advisor and an affiliate for ConvertKit and other services provided in this article.]

If you want to learn more about this process and start making a boatload of money from your site, this is where I learned about this process and how to use it. Just enter your info in the form below to learn more!

Thanks for visiting, I hope this has helped you!


2 thoughts on “How To Set Up An Email List

  1. For someone like myself who is new to building their website and how to generate traffic and followers this article is so helpful. I never put much thought or time in building up my email list guess I was just worried about getting my links up and hopefully make money.

    For someone like myself whos website is more service industry orientated is an email list still as important?

    1. Brandon, 

      An email list is important no matter what industry you are in. Even if you have a specific customer who has already used your service, wouldn’t you like to build loyalty and provide another service or continue providing more service. 

      Not only that, an email list will allow you to grow your audience and provide service to even more customers through follow-up emails. 

      It is the best way to develop residual traffic, return service, trust, and loyalty. Being profitable is a byproduct. 

      I hope you come back to learn more! At least try the List Launch Challenge by entering your info in the form at the bottom of the article. You will see firsthand how this all works! Or you can just email me at and I will hook you up!


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