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How to Setup a Winning Autoresponder Series—Email Marketing Tutorial Part #4

Hi there and welcome back again! I am so glad you have found this information useful enough to make it to the fourth part of this series! This is what made the difference and turned my websites around when it comes to making money!

If you just happen upon this page and would like to start at the beginning of the series to learn more about email marketing you can click here or go to the home page and find all of the series.

List Launch Challenge


Before I dive into this next tutorial, I would like to take a moment and refresh what we have covered. There is a lot to email marketing. I did not learn all of this overnight. It takes some effort, doing the homework, learning different steps, and what resources are best for you. That is why I am doing this. If you follow this series, you will have removed at least 1-2 months of trial and error that I went through.

1. Set Up Email List

So, we started with the beginning. How To Set Up An Email List, this is where you select the best service provider for you. I have used a few different ones and found that for the money ConertKit is the best. It is a paid service, not the most expensive or the cheapest but for what you pay, the service provided, reliability, and ease of use are the most economical I have found.

Once you have signed up, the first step to start building your email list is to ask for emails. This is done with an Opt-In Form. ConvertKit makes this so easy, and they do the coding for you. It is as simple as entering your information, copy, and paste to your site.

2. Getting Subscribers

This is where you learn about putting together your lead magnet. Anything that is related to your niche and provides value. IT can be a video, checklist, or product just to name a few. It is something you will give away in exchange for people’s emails. It is that simple but there are strategies to it (covered in tutorial #3).

At this point, you have signed up to a service provider, built an Opt-in form, and developed a lead magnet. The next step is to ask for their email. You have to put the Opt-In form on your site. I have several forms built out already and use several different ones on almost all of my pages and posts.

3. Strategies To Get More Emails

There are so many ways to massage the process to get what you need out of it. In part three of this series, I listed the top 5 that I know have been proven to work and convert to subscribers. More subscribers equal more emails, more emails equal more sales!

This is the point behind all of this. All I am doing here is making it easier for you to get this part of online marketing to work for you! That brings us to…

Tutorial #4: Setting Up An AutoResponder

Before you dive into setting all of this up, I would like to explain a little bit to you. Not so much about the process, that is about to come, but more about the way you need to think when writing the emails and what you are trying to tell your customers to help them understand you are providing value just like the information I am giving to you.

This process if done correctly, in a way that you are actually providing value will increase loyalty from your subscribers. You are much more likely to retain them if they like you!

If you have chosen to follow my lead and sign up for ConvertKit, this is one of the main reasons I have gone to them. I have used other platforms that help you with your “journey” but setting up your sequence in ConvertKit is more user-friendly in my opinion.

In ConvertKit, to start your autoresponder, go to the sequence tab at the top. This opens up a window where you have all kinds of options to build a series of emails to be sent in sequence as you lay it out. I will share a video from Pat Flynn, one of their top advisors to explain the process in more detail. as I said, I want to help you with understanding how to think when doing this to improve your success.


You will want to start by composing several emails first. You can do this as drafts in the platform. aS long as you don’t publish you can change them and rearrange them before you hit go. You will want to compose them to be relevant in this format.

Once your visitor finds your lead magnet worth giving their email for and fills out the Opt-In form, there will be a follow-up that is immediately sent. This is typically a thank you with a link or file with whatever you promised them. You have to decide, depending on what you provided how long it will take for them to absorb that information (shouldn’t be too long). From there, you should set up your series like this…

Email #1 – Thank them again for grabbing your lead magnet and ask if they have any questions. Ask open-ended questions to promote feedback. Like was this what you were looking for? Did you like it? would you like to know more? You are not trying to sell or give them anything on this one. You are only offering your service but looking for whatever problem they have so you can solve it.

Email #2 – Make it educational, give them more information about what you can provide. Help them understand they have a problem. They will remember the questions you asked before and if you can identify a problem they might have that you can solve, they will be interested.

Email #3 – Soft sell, You are going to tell them the problem they have then explain how you can solve it if they were to use whatever service you are offering. Give them a link to click. This is just the beginning. statistics say that people on average have to look at something 7 times before they actually make a decision to go forward. This should give you an idea of how many emails you will be setting up for auto-responding in this bucket (more on that later too).

Email #4 – Educate them some more on what you are providing. Give them so many reasons they should have this product.

Email #5 – Hard sell, Here it is, buy it! Buy it now before it’s too late… you get the point.

Email #6 – Sell

Email #7 – Sell

This is just the beginning of email marketing. We have only scratched the surface of what can be done with this wonderful tool. I am not exaggerating, there are companies out there that run multi-million dollar-a-year businesses off of this strategy alone.

From this tutorial, you should have an idea of what your goal should look like before starting this process. Once you follow through and start setting things up I want you to remember these steps.

  1. Sign up for ConvertKit
  2. Build Opt-In Form
  3. Create Lead Magnet
  4. Set Up Auto Responder w/ Emails
  5. Set Up Sequencing For Emails
  6. Personalize Emails
  7. Go To Settings and Make It Fit Your Schedule
  8. Check out Reporting, once the sequence is published this will start on its own (good info on what is working).
  9. Segmenting, remember the buckets I mentioned? More to come!
  10. Start Making Some Real Revenue!

Whew! You Got All That, Right

I know this is a lot to absorb from a blog. It is here for you to come back and reference any time you want, I am not going anywhere soon and I am glad to help. If you have questions, go ahead and ask, leave them in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Now that you have this info, I will share a video as promised to help you understand the nuts and bolts of the operation. Just remember to come back to this site for more behind-the-senes stuff. I will help you get through this and keep you from making some of the mistakes I did.

In this video, Pat will introduce you to the autoresponder sequence: an incredibly powerful tool to build loyalty with your audience and introduce them to your best content. My favorite part—it’s completely automated! Plus, He shares eight tried and true tips to enhance your own autoresponder sequence so you can put all the information I have given you to good use! If you think this is good information and would like to see more tools I use, check out My tool Kit!

If you are just getting into this and don’t have a website set up to begin your online business, skip the video and fill out the form below. I can streamline the process to start your own website today for free!

Thanks for being here, and I hope this helps!


4 thoughts on “Setting Up an Autoresponder Series

  1. Hi Chad. Thank you for this great series. I just started my own online business and posts like this are extremely useful. I didn’t know too much about email marketing and your articles are definitely brilliant guide for beginners. I started using your advices and recommendations and Im already seeing benefits of email marketing. Looking forward for next posts !

    1. Hello Cogito, 

      I am glad you have learned something you can use here! That makes me smile knowing I have helped! 

      I planed to post the next article on the series the morning of the 24th but now have some travel plans. I will be driving that day. If I can swing it I will get it out before then. If not it will most likely be in the evening or the morning of the 25th. 

      Just a little sneaky Pete, It will have some tips on writing emails that get opened. 

      Thanks for being here!


  2. Now that I have grown my business a bit I want to start with Email Marketing. It does cost money, but hopely It will get me subscribers and therefore visiters.

    How much does it usually cost every month? I have no knowledge about it, so thanks for your article. I will bookmark your page and come back to follow the series. 

    1. Hello Fatoumata,

      I have discovered in my time with online marketing to use this mentality. There are two ways you can grow. Up and out. If you have a website and you are using affiliate links to make income. You can continue to do so and add to the depth of your site with more and more affiliate programs. This allows you to grow up. If you want to grow out and reach a bigger audience, therefore more sales, you need email marketing. 

      As you said, it does cost money. You can start for free! I recommend ConvertKit regularly because of what I think they provide for the money I spend on it. They let people in for free because then they can see the value of a paid subscription. 

      I am paying basically $30/month for what I use. They do have higher price subscriptions with more services available but where I am at right now doesn’t require that. You can check it out for yourself right here.

      I plan to have the next article out this weekend. May be late because I have a lot of driving to do Saturday.

      Thanks for being here!


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