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I have been spending a lot of time online doing research and building websites lately. The entire time my daughter has been working on a more hands-on project. She has always been good with a brush and took several art classes.

I have several of her early pieces and she has continuously improved with her skills. Recently we were talking about what we were both working on in our spare time and made the decision to bring them together.

We have put together a website to promote and sell original art from the Brown County artist Brittany Dial. On this website, anyone is welcome to visit and browse the number of works she has available. Some have already sold but are still available to enjoy. We do have prints of all of the ones that the original is no longer available that will be for sale at a lower price on this page. Just click on the one you like.

Stretched Canvas Painting Phone case with print of the painting called Living.

There are also other items with her prints available to purchase. I have put a few below on this page. If you see a piece you just love, make sure to click on one of the products with that print. There are so many more items available like phone cases, clocks, comforters, shower curtains, just to name a few. What better to decorate your home with than hand-crafted original Brown County art?

Comforter with Original Brown County Art Throw Pillow with original Brown County art.

Feel free to check these out, visit the site to see more, and if you are more than welcome to leave any comments. You can leave them here or on her page. We are working together on this one.

I hope you enjoy the art!

Stretched Canvas PaintingStretched CanvasStretched Canvas Painting