PrepB4, A Way To Survive

Here is one for the Preppers!

On this website, one can get learn to get ready before you need to be ready. If you go to the home page from any link on this page, you can enter your information on the form to get the free guide.

In this guide, Not By Water Alone, you will find a list of 9 things that everyone should have on hand at all times for emergency preparedness. It will tell you how to store them and what you need to know to keep them rotated in a way that does not cost any more than your normal grocery bill.


In the blog roll, you can find all sorts of information to add to your stash as you see fit. There are things like How to Make A Small Rocket Stove, Emergency Preparedness For Your Pets, Build A Bug Out Bag, and much more to come.

So please, check out the site and see what you can do to get ready before you have to be.

Keep Coming Back

As always, in all of the sites I put together, my goal is to help folks make life a bit easier. In fact, this information could possibly save someone’s life, maybe yours! So check it out, add your email to the list, get your free guide, and keep coming back!

I could use your help too, please leave any comments in the section at the bottom of the page. You could inspire a new effort. If you have any questions, ask away!



4 thoughts on “PrepB4, A Way To Survive

  1. With the desire to fully benefit from reading this article, I visited the PrepB4 website. I must say that it not different from all you have described. I bookmarked the site and read some the articles. I did learn a lot and had a great time reading some the articles on the site. Thanks for this helpful piece of information on such a wonderful site.

    1. Thanks Nelson!

      I do hope you come back! I have a lot more information coming. 

      Since you enjoyed the articles, you should sign up for my email list and get the free guide. It lists the 9 things one should have on hand at all times to help survive in the event of an immediate emergency, how to store them, and rotate in a fashion that doesn’t cost any more than your normal grocery bill. 

      If you do I will be able to send you updates on more techniques and ideas to help you be ready before you have to be ready.



  2. Hello Chad, I wish you are doing well. My parents were teachers, like you. I want to compliment for creating this website, sharing your life experiences and your knowledge with us and giving helpful information for different situations. 

     I navigate a little on your site, having a stop at your article about learning how to build a small rocket stove with five gallons of pails, useful product to cook, heat water, etc. and at a low cost. Thank you for sharing it, very helpful article. I will turn back to your site for your new interesting articles.



    1. Hello Alketa, 

      I am doing well and hope you are too! I have plenty I am working on that hasn’t made it to the site yet. It would be great if you joined my email list and got the free guide. I will then be able to send you updates on the latest ideas and plans to help as many people be ready before they have to be.

      I never would have guessed in my earlier years I would be where I am today. It is very rewarding to teach or even just share knowledge and experience to help others prosper. 

      Thank you for the comment! Please come back and join in!


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