All My Passwords Safe In One Place

Excellent Value

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could store passwords in a single place and log in to your favorite websites and apps with a click?

I have found the best and safest way to do just that. It is cheap, safe, all around the world, and super simple.

We lock passwords. You hold the key.


Why do I need a password manager?

Have you ever gone to log in to an account only to find out you have forgotten the password? with NordPass, password reset is a thing of the past. Don’t lose access to accounts that matter just because you have forgotten a password, You can always find it in NordPass.

When you create a new account, you can save your info with a simple click and you will always have it handy even if you only use it once in a while.

Free Your Memory

Your memory isn’t infinite, the NordPass vault is! Store unlimited passwords and secure notes in a single place. It also syncs across all of the devices on your plan so you have them wherever you are.

Browse And Shop Faster

NordPass will recognize your favorite websites and autofill your login details when signing in. If you are shopping online frequently, you can store your credit card and shipping details for a smoother checkout. All of your information is encrypted so it is completely safe.

Security You Can Trust

Audited security by Cure53:

This is what they said,

“Numerous positive observations have been made in relation to the level of detail and adherence to the specification, clarity, and readability of the Go code and implementation, overall security of <…> the NordPass applications.”

Leading technology:

NordPass uses many top-of-the-field encryption algorithms to protect your valuable information. They range from the golden cryptology standards to fresh algorithms poised to become the future of internet encryption.

Your passwords are in good hands:

NordPass is brought to you by the cybersecurity experts who built NordVPN — the advanced online security and privacy app trusted by more than 14 million users worldwide.

NordPass Tools


No one’s got time to type in their login details manually. With NordPass, you can do so in a few clicks.


Sharing passwords online isn’t safe unless you do it via an encrypted password vault, like NordPass.


Keep your secure notes, credit card details, and shipping addresses all in one place.


Use the strongest password you’ve got to unlock your vault — your fingerprint or Face ID.

Better Safe Than Sorry

It may seem like a trivial thing to most. Until it happens to you. I have not been hacked or lost my phone to someone who would take advantage of it myself but still like to keep my information safe because I personally know two people who have and from their stories, it is not just a financial burden, it is a nightmare to straighten out.

One guy told me he figured it out about 8 am and by noon was $8500 in debt. The other didn’t know until his financial institute had contacted him and he was set back about $35,000. This doesn’t count the time spent with all of the filings and chasing down creditors to get things back on track or the changing of all passwords on all of their accounts.

For what they charge, it is much easier to swallow than what you pay for say car insurance, home insurance, or health insurance. We are talking less than $2 a month for this kind of security. That is why I am promoting this product. It is a great value for what you spend.

Just click on the link and check it out! It doesn’t hurt to look. I am not blowing smoke here!

If you have any questions, just fill out the form below and I will answer them myself.

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “All My Passwords Safe In One Place

  1. The number of platform we join these days is way more than I even thought I would. And most of them require a password. Another point to consider is that my brain is not as good as it was when I was 30. So, NordPass services would be a huge help. And I checked their prices and am surprised how affordable they are.

    1. Hello Abel,

      It is what got me into it, all the platforms that I am involved with, Some with the requirement that you change the password regularly, I can not always remember them all. Now I have them all in one place and as you said, it is very affordable. 

      Right now they are running a deal for a two-year program for less than $40 US. The security on top of that makes it oh so worth it! It does work pretty much anywhere you are in the world that has internet too.

      Glad you found this and I hope it helps!


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