Introduction To GREAT Affiliate Marketing


There is a right way and a wrong way to perform as an affiliate marketer.

I have been researching a lot about how people who want to get into affiliate marketing can do this as quickly and easily as possible. This was sparked by the trials and tribulations I have been through myself. You can read my story of how I got started on the About Page but what really has me doing this is the struggles I had getting started.

This blog is to introduce some of the steps I have found that can have you building your website for free today and getting the training you need to do this in an ethical way that gets you ranked. Leading into some of the best influencers and products you can find and promote.

Having that said, I will tell you upfront, I am an affiliate with some of these people and am working with them to learn how all this is done the right way. It is possible if you click on a link that I would receive a commission from any sales. This is not true with all links. I still provide some really good information for free. I can assure you, any link on this page is a service that provides value to an affiliate marketer.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do to get an online business up and running is to have a website. This is where you make your place in the online world, find your audience, and provide value! There are many services out there for this. You can go to GoDaddy, HostGator, or Straight to WordPress and get a domain. Then you have to learn what you are to do with it. This includes areas like niche selection, creating quality content, and where to get affiliate links. It is a lot of work.

What I have found is a great place to get all of this in one place. It is very affordable and you can start for free. This allows you to dip your feet in the water with setting up a site, training on how to select your area of expertise, and start creating content that works. Once you are ready and comfortable you have the right foundation, you can then research and purchase your domain on the very same platform. It provides all of this from some of the fastest and safest servers in the world.

This is just the start! If you are interested at all in this thought, I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This is the platform I use and love the way it keeps me organized all in one spot. You can click the banner too!

Already Started

This is where it gets fun! Finding the right people, the right products, and learning what to do once you do. I have spent hours upon hours in this area. It truly has been a lot of fun! Meeting new people from all over the world, building relationships, and learning from one another.

One person who has taught me the most and has spent a lot of time with me on this is Matt McWilliams. I have spent hours listening to his teachings and been in live training, not to mention the hours of zoom meetings. We have really become friends.

He is the one that taught me the next step. Growing your email list. If you have a website and are already promoting things to help people solve their problems, you need to grow your audience. Learn to reach out and find the ones who are looking for your solution.

List Launch Challenge is a proven method to do this. It is a 7-day challenge that teaches you what to do, gives you actionable items that lead you through this, and makes it happen for real. Once you have the system down, rinse and repeat! This method has been proven to grow a list of 10’s of thousands of followers if used consistently. He only runs it periodically and you have to sign up so click the link or banner to get on the waiting list. If you have any questions on these just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we can talk.

Ready To Launch

If you already have a site and a product in mind and are serious about launching it. This one is for you! Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. This is a bit of a high ticket course but Jeff’s formula is directly responsible for billions of dollars in sales. He has been around the industry pretty much since it has started and helped some of the largest online businesses flourish with his down-to-earth teaching style and proven methods to help you develop the right strategies and get them done!

I will be posting more about this in the future and sharing it on the Facebook page. Make sure you check it out and follow for more updates. The Launch for this is coming up in November and if you don’t get in then you will be missing out!

To Be Continued

As I said, I will be following up on this a lot in the near future so if you want to know more just fill out the form to get in touch. I will respond in a timely fashion and get you hooked up!

I have so much more coming! If you want to fast-track your online business, fill out the form below, and get on my list because I have found the way and am willing to share!



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