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Here is one for dog lovers!Groomy Dude

This is the first website I started, I honestly had no clue what I was getting into. It is definitely a lot of work. It is still in progress. I am guessing that will never stop.

My goal remains the same across every platform I am running. I intend to research and review products that people will find useful and suggest the ones I find that could make things a little easier for them.

This is an affiliate site. I do make a commission from any sales that are funneled through Chewy, Entirely Pets, Furhaven, Amazon, and more. The products do not cost any more than they would if you buy direct, you are just helping the little guy. With my affiliation with these companies, I can often offer discounts. This is how I am compensated for the time and effort I put into these sites. If not for me, for someone. The big stores support thousands of small businesses like my own.


This site not only has pages you can browse for suggested products. There is a growing list of articles to help inform people of things they need to know if they own a dog or plan to acquire one.

I have posted on Core Dog Vaccines, Foods that are bad for dogs, Things that are safe for dogs, and a few topics that are based on their instinctive needs depending on breed.

I have written articles on things to think about if grooming your dog at home. And suggested tools to get if you do.

Again, I plan to continue research in this field and post them to continue helping improve the lives of all the coolest dogs on the planet!

Keep Coming Back

I will never stop! My intentions are to cover anything I can think of that would help make things easier for people who are looking. It does take some time, I have to build a site, do the research, and publish all those articles. I am not going to just throw stuff out there on the web for the sake of doing it. I intend to have real, relevant, and useful information.

So, if you have one of the coolest dogs on the planet, visit

If you have any questions please leave comments and I will follow up. If you have something I have not researched and need answers, ask. I may start a new effort!

Thank you for visiting and come again soon! And if you are into outdoors/survival skills and prepping for disaster, check out PrepB4!


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