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Do You Have A Small List Or No List At All?

I have been blogging for a little while now and until recently have not had much luck getting anything out of it. I have found even though I was constantly creating quality content and doing the leg work I was not getting any traffic to my sites. I started out thinking I could start with paid advertising. That got expensive fast and I was not happy with the ROI (return on investment).

Not too long ago, I met a few folks who have led me in the right direction. Matt Mcwilliams and Stu Mclaren are the two individuals who have given me the tools to turn things around and start seeing people getting involved in my content. Helping me to understand how to interact with my audience and create a relationship that works for everyone.

There are a few things I want to share but for now, we are going to look at an email list and why you should start building one now. Learn what to do and focus on a constant effort to continuous growth. I had no list which means no one to communicate with on a regular basis. That has changed!

Learn To Build Your Email List Now

I am going to share right upfront. Then I will give you a little background on the program I used that really works and is super affordable. That is what AffordableOnlineAffiliate is all about! Helping others find what works and provides the best value!

The program I used is List Launch Challenge. This program is what started to turn things around for me! As I said there are a few more things I want to share but those are for the next few blogs. With List Launch Challenge and the next few things, I will share you can 10X your online business. It is a proven process that works time and time again!

Granted, there is a cost but one has to be ready and willing to invest in their business if they want it to grow. This is the investment that is worth it because your ROI will continue from this for the duration of your success.

List Launch Challenge Info

List Launch Challenge is designed specifically for beginner to intermediate online business owners looking to start or grow their email list.

Too often people start an online business or blog with, at best, a vague plan for building and growing their email list.

The 7-day List Launch Challenge is action and results-focused showing them strategies to build your email list (even if their list is currently at zero!)

People who will gain immense value from the challenge content include:

  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Podcasters
  • YouTubers
  • Platform Builders
  • Affiliate Marketers (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Online Businesses

The Challenge itself includes daily lessons and action plans to help them grow their email list. There are 3 Live pieces of training and several Q & A sessions.


They will also get immediate access to premium Avatar Training ($97 value) and access to a private Facebook community during the challenge.

If this doesn’t intrigue you, watch the video here. Hear a bit from Matt himself and you will see he truly knows his stuff and is willing to help others grow their business.

Don’t Believe Me? What About These Guys?

It is a steal!!

I am not sure if anyone has quantified the return on this investment! But WOW!

A Few Things I Learned

In this training, I learned how to make lead magnets, that convert, fast and easily! There is a worksheet with action items that actually get you to do these things instead of just reading about them.

I also learned how to create templates and good swipe copy to help save time and reach more people. creating these as you are going through the training and saving them to a file will save you time over and over again by just slightly modifying the same copy.

There was one thing I picked up on that really helped me engage with my audience after he taught me how to identify who they were. It was the FAST Formula. It really makes it easy to understand how you should be communicating during a specific time in the relationships you are building.

I Could Go On

This training module is 7 days once you sign up. It gives you achievable tasks that get you to take action and accomplish what needs to be done.

If you do this, then rinse and repeat, it will continuously grow your email list. It will also help you know your audience and communicate with them in a way that is great for you and your business, providing them value!

If you are interested in getting this very crucial step in growing your business, fill out this form and I will make sure you get in on this amazing training!

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