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So Many Platforms So Little Time

When you are ready to tackle the world of social media in marketing your website one should do a little research first. This is where I can help. That is my goal in all of my sites, to provide resources and info that can save you time and money making life easier.

You are probably all aware there are so many platforms out there that revolve around social media. Although I do not care to participate in most of them for social involvement, they are all subject to massive amounts of traffic. One does not have to use all or just one.

Any way you choose to tackle this adventure, I recommend you do some research before you start. Here is a tool I have found that will be super helpful.

Revive Social

This is a tool I have found that can help you manage your social media and revive old posts on those platforms. They have been mentioned on Mashable, QuickSprout, HubSpot, and buffer. This platform can help with all things social.

At Revive Social they have content that is easy to digest and understand with tools to help save time, educate, and grow your business.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress and can help you automate reviving your old post with very little effort. This will keep things active and upfront to all your viewers.


Using this resource will definitely help you organize, keep track, and streamline your efforts in using social media to boost your presence on social media.

If you have any intention of using social media to get the word out, I strongly recommend using Revive Social even if it is just for educating yourself on the process.

To do that just click the banner below and check it out. just remember to go through my site and help me get credit for referring people their way. It helps me to continue my efforts in helping others and using the internet to reach out and improve people’s lives making things easier and more affordable.

I wish you all the best!


4 thoughts on “All Things Social Media

  1. What a clever idea! This can be very very useful, especially for someone with a very full blog and not too much time. Using automation these days can really be important to small business owners. Plus, it always seems like they are leaving marketing on the back burner. Revive Social helps keep things on the front burner without too much effort. Nice!

    1. Hi Marsha,

      I know I have a lot of time in developing the sites I have been working on. It just seems like a good idea to keep all of your work alive. It also can provide a little throwback from time to time. This has helped me stay focused on the fact my original intent is to help people find things to make life a bit easier.

      Not to mention Revive Social is a great platform to expand your knowledge of social media and your business.



  2. We can all agree that we don’t usually have time for different reasons and some of us just keep trying to do our business on the social media too. But for people like me who don’t usually have so much time on our hand, platforms like this can help. Do you know any plugin that can help to share our information on different platforms without having to get logged on.

    1. Jackie, 

      Boy, are you right about having time? It has been a rough week and I am just getting to your comment. I am not sure about having a platform to manage all of your social media without having to log in but I do know it is nice to have a place where you can manage all of your socials only being logged into one. Revive Social can help you do that.

      I know that didn’t really give you what you were looking for but I hope it helps. Thanks for the comment! 


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