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The easiest SEO web tool for making a keyword list.

How Does Your Website Get Seen

I imagine if you are looking into this page, you are at least looking into building your own website. I do hope you have found Wealthy Affiliate. If you are just getting into it, you should check them out for free.

So, once you have built your site and are now published, there are some things that will help if you know and understand them. How does your website get seen? I will use Google as an example. Not the only search engine out there but pretty much the most popular.

Google search engine basically crawls the web all the time. It goes from site to site to site forwards and backward using links that are built into each site. It is not invasive or anything like that, no different from someone visiting your site.

While they are crawling around, they take notice of the words that are used in the context of your pages. They then compare those words with the words that people are typing into the search engine to find. This is what makes the words Keywords.

How To Find Key Words

Now that you are on your way, there are some things one will need to help your site get noticed. There are several SEO tools and programs that can help you along the way. One I have found that has been very useful and easy to use. I have been using Jaxxy.

Jaxxy is a great keyword finder. Jaxxy has a keyword finder tool that you enter a topic of whatever your niche is and it searches for a list of keywords for you to research. With the list of new keywords, you can also see the amount of traffic that searches that specific word or phrase.

This is where they make it easy for you. Now that you can see a list to choose from and the amount of traffic it gets, they also provide some insightful information like how many people are using this same keyword. This allows you to strategize the keywords you use in your content.

Building A Competetive Edge

I may have given you enough reason to look at Jaxxy already. It does not stop there. Not only does Jaxxy help you with building content for search engine optimization, but it also has tools to help research ideas for your niche.

You can use the Alphabet Soup to determine what niche you would be interested in building your website around that is included in what people are searching for. Adding this to your new keyword list will undoubtedly boost your site ranking in the most common search engines.

Oh Wait There’s More

I know cliche, but I had to say it! Sign up for Jaxxy and you can also use the tools to automate searches for your own site rank. Letting you know where you really stand with Google.

There is also a tool to help you find some of the best affiliate programs to monetize your site. providing you with lists from some of the widest known networks like Commission Junction, Click Bank, Link Share, and Digital River.

Oh, did I mention? They will help you with domain research for identifying and purchasing domain properties.

There Is A Lot To It

I am telling you, regardless of how you start or what platform you use to manage your website. Jaxxy is useful in so many ways. This is a tool I use and will continue to use to research and build all of my websites.

If I have not said enough to convince you, click this link for Jaxxy and check it out! You will not regret it.

My Goal

All of my efforts in every site, every page, and post are to find, research and most of the time use things to help people make life a bit better and easier.

I have found these things looking for a better way and am now sharing what is working for me with you.

If you could check out my other sites from this site. I use several affiliate programs to provide products. Even if the site is not relevant to you need, you can use them to get to the providers and it does not cost you any more than going to them directly. In some cases, I can provide discounts through affiliation.

Check it out, I can get a small commission and it cost you nothing!

I hope what I have found helps!

6 thoughts on “Making A Key Word List

  1. Hi,

    From my online research Keyword discovery is one of the most important steps in creating an effective SEO strategy. If you want your website and content to be found by your best prospects, you need to first understand what they actually search for and the words and terms they use. The thing is, if you want prospects to find your content, search engines need to find it first.

    Thank you.


    1. You are absolutely correct Aluko.

      Search Engines do the crawling behind the scenes before any content ever gets seen by human eyes.

      I have some research I have completed on SEO but have yet to write the post. I will have it up shortly so come back and check it out. May have a few tips to help understand what one should know about other aspects the search engines look for. 

      Thank you, 


  2. I believe what affects a lot of people in  not allowing their Online business rise and be known or patronized  is the ways they go about putting it together, creating a a website for business needs to be done in such a way that it’ll attract people to it, that I why keyword list is very important, it helps you Website get seen and ranked by search engines. This is a helpful post, thank you for sharing

    1. Hello,

      This is absolutely true. All this information is pinpointed on Keywords and how to research and find them. 

      The one thing that one has to remember when using keywords, they have to be inserted into original and thoughtful content. Search engines also look for unique and original content. Above all the content is for people, not the search engine. 

      Always think of both when writing your articles!



  3. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations an affiliate marketer like me not to mention how much beginners can learn from this. I will be sharing this with others i know of that really needs to see this

    1. Hi mister,

      I am glad you enjoyed the read, my hopes are to share and help folks who can utilize the information. The content is mostly focused to ones who are fairly new at online marketing, yet the materials available through this page are good enough for professionals. 



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