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Just getting into the opportunities that await in online marketing?

Web Tools That Help

Boy is there a lot to learn when getting into this market. I have been doing it for a little while and still have so much to learn! Some things I would like to share that I have found through experience is there are really good tools that can help!

Some of these that I have found can even help outside of website development. This first one is one of those. Grammarly is a web tool provider who has several tools that can help in any writing project you have.

Get Grammarly

Proofread Your Texts

You can add Grammarly from Chrome Store for free! Use it on all your windows applications.

It not only works as a good spell checker, but it also corrects punctuation, sentence structure, and has an AI assistant to help you realize the tone of what you write. This helps you understand how people will feel about what you are writing.

This tool, once you have signed up can help you on several platforms that you may write on, even social media. Wouldn’t it be great to have that peace of mind that you were not coming across in a way that you had no intention of meaning?

If You’re Gonna Build A Website

WordPress Themes with a bang

You are going to need a website theme. Every page, post, and site I have built has been through WordPress. They do have several themes to choose from but if you are looking to branch out here is a developer that can help.Themeisle also provides
Visualizer charts and graphs plugins. So click on the text to see plugins and the logo for WP Themes!

There are themes and other web tools within WordPress that will cover all of your needs to start and develop a website. In my opinion, the absolute best way to start that would be through Wealthy Affiliate.

So, click on their link on this page and check it out! It is a good source for new and exciting tools when you are ready to branch out with new websites.

Start Your Brand

As you are building your website you are going to want to make it your own. What better way than a personal LOGO!

LOGO GARDEN is a great place for that, you can build your own logo in 8 minutes.

Try It On

Just a few things I have found that can help someone who is starting out in web-based marketing. Try them out and see where it takes you!

2 thoughts on “Web Tools that Help

  1. Thank you so much for sharing here. Rwaally worth to see here. To be very honest, what you have shared is really great in total. I just really appreciate all you have shared here and it makes a lot of sense in total. Thanks so much. If I can. I will try all.my possible best to follow your suggestions and get the ones you have said here woe! Thumbs up to you for sharing them out here

    1. Nath, 

      I am currently using the Grammarly extension from the Chrome Store (for free). It is really awesome! It corrects things as I go and has a small icon at the bottom of the field I am typing that gives me insight into the mood I am projecting in my words. 

      It is effortless and one-click fixes on any spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors. I love it and it makes my writing look so much more professional! 

      Thanks for the comment!


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