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What is it you are looking for?

Online Marketing Course

If you are on the web and searching to discover what online marketing is, then you are probably a lot like me. I had no idea what I was looking for. I had no clue on how to start a business. I had no training or experience in any of these aspects.

Now I am writing a blog about what you are looking for. My intent in all the websites I have created is to help others find ways to improve the quality of life and make it easier. At the very beginning of my research, I nearly fell victim to one of those get-rich-quick scams. Luckily, I did stop and followed up with some real research. I can assure you this is no scam.

What I found was a program founded by Kyle and Carson called Wealthy Affiliates. Get this, free online marketing course.

Too Good To Be True

I know, I was skeptical too. I had seen so many of the sites trying to get me to pay a large amount of money to have access to their program. Having that “get what you pay for” on my mind, was thinking why would anything free be worth anything.

The fact of the matter is too good to be true. It is true though! I thought what the heck it doesn’t cost anything even if I fail and signed up. I was impressed from the very beginning. This was really free online marketing training. It truly was for me.

Just Keeps Coming

So, I signed up. I was impressed, It just keeps coming! Not only was this a free online marketing course, it came with a community of real people willing to help and learn. It comes with all the tools for online marketing that you would need to start an online marketing business.

In a matter of days, I had identified a niche, I had built a website, and really on my way to starting something in online marketing with no experience.

This Is Where They Get You

Oh man, I am on a roll. I have got this going on. I am hooked. Not only am I moving forward, but I am also enjoying it.

Despite my resistance to forking over some cash, you can go premium for a fee. Hmmm. I was reluctant. I did not need to add another bill to my budget. I was already impressed with what I had gotten for free, I had to try it. If I didn’t say it before, it just keeps coming. Here is what is available.

I signed up for premium. Not knowing what I was getting into I didn’t even understand some of the benefits. The access to all the platforms to create and build our own content, the ability to own your own domain, the site speed and security, the support, the training, the access to everything you need to start a business in online marketing and advertising.

Have I Answered Your Question

No, I have not. I am going to leave you hanging on that one. That is part of the adventure, not knowing what to expect. I feel if I give you all the answers it leaves you with a bias perception. I would prefer you to start with a blank slate and make it your own!

That is the beauty of this course. It tells you what you need to know to do the tasks and understand the online marketing strategies but never does it tell you how you should do it. It is totally up to you to pick what you want to go after. The possibilities are endless.

I Am Still New At This!

I have not got it all figured out just yet but I will tell you this. In a matter of weeks, I have a registered business. I have two websites up and running. I have put in the work and it will continue to do so. This is not a get-rich-quick thing. It is an effort to be compensated for.

Let’s Be Clear

I will leave you with this information. Online marketing and advertising is you putting up a website to spread the message about a companies brand, product, or service to potential customers. Same as a billboard, flier, TV commercial, or radio ad.

The benefit is you can reach more people, it is cost-effective, and has a high conversion rate without handling any materials.

Understanding online marketing strategies is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. Reminding you it is people-based, having a genuine purpose, and helping you with SEO strategies for your affiliate marketing business.

You Are Here Now

I have done the research and tried this out. It does work. If my sites are not interesting enough, Sign up for free and see what other people are doing with this.

I am trying to help others!



6 thoughts on “What Is Online Marketing And Advertising

  1. Hello Chad, it’s true how people get scammed by some online platform for various reasons and I have been their victim a couple of times and it wasn’t good at all. What I noticed on these times is that I was too eager and didn’t make my finds well and it was my flaw. I’m really how we all can learn from here 

    1. Justin, 

      I am glad you have found your place! Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get to where you want to be. I am proud of you for realizing your position, adjusting, and moving forward with WA. This one really works if you do!

      Good Luck to you my friend!

  2. Hello Chad, There are lots to learn about marketing and advertising especially online. Everyone has different opinions about what will work and that is the best part of WA. Members of WA can interact with the community with experts who have been successful business owners for years. It does not matter if you are new or not, WA is a great place to learn. 

    1. Hi Jannette,

      I agree. It has been so much fun doing this and I don’t think I said enough about the community. There are so many people with real experience to help out along the way. I have seen some of the most honest feedback and it is always constructive!

      Great support group for any technical issues too!


  3. This is a great read. I totally agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is a super great platform and community and it really does help you and get you going on building a successful business. 

    I luckily discovered wealthy affiliate about 1 month ago and I am so glad that I did. I have build my site and already started to receive some traffic pretty quickly.

    I would also recommend WA to anyone wanting to grow a successful business and have a community of super support willing to help in any way that they can. I was so impressed with what WA had to offer for pennies compared to other “mentoring” programs I joined that were in the thousands of dollars. 

    1. Gregg, 

      I am glad you have joined WA, it is a great platform to start from. I wish you the best of luck in your adventure in online marketing!


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