Diamond In The Rough


Looking for computer repair today and found a gem!

You Can Just Tell

Hi folks, I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t had time to really start posting on this site yet but came across something that I had to let out.

I was in the need for service on a desk top my son uses for gaming. I looked around a bit and narrowed my choices down by the direction I travel from work to home. This is a bit confined by location but if you are in Indianapolis, IN and in need of computer services, PC Paramedix is the place!

This guy, Jeff, is a retired programer and is waiting for his wife to retire and finishing his career in fixing computers. Great guy, I talked to him for quite a while before we even looked at what needed done. Real easy to talk to and very interesting fella.

My son has kind of a high end PC. He likes his games. With the issues we were having I was thinking we were going to have to start over. With the help of Jeff, we ended up with a PC worth about $3k for under $2k.

I am not a computer builder by any means, with some upgrades to the video cards and a boost in RAM my son is happy as can be. Well, other than the fact he owes dad some money!

My Point

The intent behind this site is to help people find things that can make life cheaper and easier with out loosing quality.

I just, out of a stroke of luck happened in to one of those diamonds in the rough. You can tell when you meet someone who is honest, actually takes pride in what they do, and lives life with benevolence. They just have the natural will to do good!

I tried to talk him into a joint venture and spread out the excellence he provide to others but he is at the end of his career and respectfully declined. But, if you are in the area and need computer service look him up. It would be worth it! PC Paramedix. He is on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for your help Jeff!

In The Event Your Computer Is Working

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