Blogging In The Mountains

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Hello From the Appalachian Mountains!

My wife and I are having the most relaxing time hanging out in a cabin in the mountains this week. It has been a fabulous time. We brought our pups, Cooper and Cora with us. We are relaxing together in the hot tub after a nice little hike.

I have not gotten to the point where I can afford to do this whenever I want but this is not the only trip we have taken this year like this. I do have to say these trips were made possible through my efforts in online marketing. I still have to be tied down by my regular full-time career but am hoping to break that chain soon.

Until then, I continue my efforts in my spare time. but I have to say that I don’t mind blogging while relaxing in the smokies. It is a great place to be and I am enjoying what I am doing. That is one of the greatest things about this adventure is as long as I have my laptop and a WiFi connection I can do my work from anywhere. Not to mention, it really isn’t like work because I am enjoying what I am doing.

Do You Want Financial Freedom

If this is intriguing to you and you have the slightest inkling of starting your own online business, I am glad to help. I have put together an 8 step checklist to start your own website for free. Just give me your name and email and I will send you this information for free. I think everyone should have this opportunity. This will guide you to where it all started for me.

It will take a lot of time and effort to get to this point but it is completely doable! If you are interested, get this checklist and get it going!


If you do this today, you can have your website set up and started today! It seems like a pipe dream but it is not! It is a real possibility and the only thing holding you back is you! Step out of your own way and get this done for yourself!

It takes a bit of discipline and some time to get this all going and learning what you need to do to be successful but that is where I help. grab this guide for free and follow these 8 steps. Once you do this you will have begun the process and have the knowledge you need to run your own online business!

This is not a scam!!!

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme!!!!

This is not a lie!!!!!

This is what I am using! Cora and I promise you it works!

 I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

4 thoughts on “Blogging In The Mountains

  1. It’s always nice to be able to blog from someplace relaxing. You seem like you have a lot of experience in helping people get their blogs set up online and to a point where they can monetize them. I’ll have to sign up and get a copy of your checklist since I still have a lot to learn.

    1. Jamie, 

      I am here to help if you have any questions! That is one thing I love about this industry, there are so many people that are there to help! There are some bad apples don’t get me wrong but for the majority, the affiliate community along with blogging is filled with people who do not see you as competition but a partner online.

      The good ones help each other! I have more coming down the pipeline so come on back! If you want to see some of the best tools I have found check out My Tool Kit

      Thanks for hanging out!


  2. Wow this is really cool! I hope that you’re able to hit your financial goals and make this your full time job. I know you’ll be able to vacation in the mountains whenever you want soon. I’m definitely going to take a look at the program you recommended. Hopefully I can see some similar success. Thanks!

    1. Hello Kyle!

      I hope you do! If you are looking to go full-time or just a hobby that you can make some extra cash, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform to get you there! 

      Whether a newbie or seasoned vet, the resources available are top-notch and will suit your needs for online marketing! Kyle and Carson, the founders are constantly working on updates, Jay from Magistudios is on the bleeding edge of what’s new and offering new training regularly. 

      The community is great for asking questions if you get stuck, the tech support is amazing! They are good at what they do and lightning fast!

      If you have any interest, don’t wait! Sign up now!

      Thanks for hanging out!


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