Looking For Up To Date Themes


If you are looking for up to date WordPress themes for the website, this post is for you.

Free WordPress Themes

Hi, again I am researching and providing things for people to make life a little better. I am by no means degrading the free WordPress themes that are available through the Wealthy Affiliate program. For people who may be a little particular or interested in the lastest and greatest, this one is for you!

Not only do they provide free themes that are compatible with WordPress, but they also have a premium package that has the latest developments.

WordPress Themes with a bang

These guys are all about website development. If you visit their site you will find not only professional WordPress themes, they also have the platform to make it easy to understand what it takes to launch and grow your website. I still recommend Wealthy Affiliate to get started, but once you are on your way, this is a great resource to improve your online presence through education, high-quality products, and reliable support.

If you look into there site you will find products and information to help you along the way. So please, once you have started building your site, and are ready to improve what you have built, go to ThemeIsle.

Always Improving

I think you will find, no matter where you start, or what extensions you use, the key to this industry is to stay active and always improve.

In this post, I have provided two of the biggest things that have helped me grow from the beginning. I do have affiliate programs set up with Wealthy Affiliate and ThemeIsle so please, join the community and grow with me! Check both of these out!

Don’t Forget SEO

Once you have a site you built for free through Wealthy Affiliate and have improved from the benefits from Themeisle WordPress Themes, don’t forget about Search Engine Optimization. You can do all of your keyword research on Jaxxy!

Thanks for the visit and always remember the ones who helped you so you can help others!


4 thoughts on “Looking For Up To Date Themes

  1. I was indeed looking for a nice theme that I can use, I mean the free one. I thought you will give me some recommendation in here and like how to edit and use the theme easily, but I was wrong. Can you give me suggestion the platform that can offer really nice theme that actually free? Because most of the free theme also need some payment to use the complete features and that is sucks.

    1. Hi Lana, 

      ThemeIsle does have free themes for WP. There are quite a few you can download for free. If you are already using WordPress, once you download them you can use additional plugins and such from there. 

      If you are looking at the premium themes those will be charged for. I have been running on a free theme for quite some time. It is not as attractive as I would like but it does function well, has good loading speed, and has not had issues with any updates. 

      I understand where you are coming from, it seems if you want the best of the best or the latest edition you will have to pay for it. It has been my experience the free ones do the job. 

      I do hope this helps some but I can only promote what they offer and I am using a free theme myself.

      If you go to the site through my link it will bring you to their home page. On the dropdown menu for themes, there is a tab for free themes. You should be able to choose from at least 11 themes from there. I believe there are more if you dig a little.

      Good luck to you!


  2. Something on the my website? Everyone wants to know what the best in the market is for themes on our website. I like how you’re telling me about some of the best here on your website and I’m very sure that I would be able to enjoy some of the different information you have here. Thank you so much for this.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      It is tough to have the latest and greatest with this ever changing market. At least with ThemeIsle and WordPress you can be confident no matter what theme you choose they will be top quality. The new ones are typically backward compatible too. Unless you are using a super old theme the process to transfer your information from and old theme to a new one should be quite easy and still function. 

      I am continuously researching new products so feel free to check back any time. 



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