Exactly What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing


Would you like to learn exactly what you need to know about Affiliate Marketing?

Insider Affiliate Monthly

I have been in affiliate marketing for a while now. I am going to tell you, it is not a get-rich-quick scam. It is a legitimate business and if you want to learn how to start your business the right way, Click Here.

Insider Affiliate Monthly is what you need to streamline your efforts.

Before I hooked up with Matt Mcwilliams, I had three websites up and running. I had chosen my niches, put all the work in to build the sites, signed up for several affiliate programs, and blogged my ass off! I did this for about a year and never made a dime! I had spent a boatload of money on paid advertising, still forking over cash for web hosting, themes, and various extensions. It was basically an expensive hobby.

Once I started learning from Matt how to actually monetize my affiliate sites, I started making money! Yes, anyone can start a website, you can do that for free right here. But to set it up as a business that will work for you takes some skills that I did not have or know about.

For me where this all started to change is…

Affiliate Insider Monthly

This is where I learned exactly what it was that I was missing in all of my efforts to actually make money doing what I was already doing that didn’t work.

If you are thinking about starting, or have started and are not making money, I recommend grabbing this deal and getting started for one dollar! Even if you drop out right away, you would get loads of information from this $1.

Yes, the first month is one dollar!

Here is a little information on what you will get,

Affiliate Insider Monthly is the exclusive membership & community where you learn the latest strategies and tactics to help you succeed with affiliate marketing. It is designed for beginner to intermediate platform builders who want to get started monetizing their audience or who want to learn the secrets of top affiliate marketers. Includes a monthly report, insider profile, backstage pass, fireside chat, and online community.

Anyone with a blog, podcast, video channel or another online platform should join!

Affiliate Insider Monthly is your exclusive source of the latest affiliate marketing news, trends, and up-to-date strategies. Keep up with what’s working, what top marketers are doing, and how to 10X your affiliate commissions…all for the new member price of just $1 for your first 2 months.

Oops! Did I say two months? Oh my! This is twice the product for just $1!

I know everyone needs another monthly bill like they need a hole in the head but I promise this is one that will make you way more than you are putting into it. It is worth every $1!

From this platform, I have learned so much that has made it possible to earn large amounts of dough through affiliate marketing. Just to give a few for example,

  • Learn to build a consistent revenue stream from affiliate marketing each month.
  • ​Keep up to date on the latest trends, tactics, and strategies of successful affiliate marketers.
  • Master the basics of affiliate marketing and apply them to your business to create a reliable source of income.
  • ​Gain access to the top minds in the affiliate marketing industry (including Matt and his team).
  • Connect with other affiliates in the AIM Insiders’ Club.
  • Learn from marketers in every conceivable niche who are succeeding with affiliate marketing.
  • ​Increase your income and impact and become an industry leader in your niche.

And the list goes on! I am still learning from Matt and his team every day. They have so many resources to help you with affiliate marketing. I am just giving you the fastest and best way to get started right HERE.

Affiliate Marketing is Constantly Changing…

But Keeping Up with the Times
and Knowing What’s Working Right Now

Doesn’t Have to be Hard.

Start Unlocking the Secrets of Folks Just Like You

Who are Increasing Their Commissions by 2X, 3X, and even 10X

Without Becoming Slaves to Their Businesses.

By Joining the…

Affiliate Insider Monthly

Where You Will Learn the Latest Strategies and Tactics to Help You Succeed with Affiliate Marketing…

No Matter Your Niche, No Matter Your List Size, or No Matter Your Experience.

Become a Full Member TODAY for Only $1. Join now and only pay $1 for two months of access (Renews at $47/mo. after 60 days)

If you join now you will get these bonuses too!

BONUS #1: Access to Matt’s ENTIRE exiting library of Affiliate Marketing Profiles and Case Studies. Prior to launching AIM Matt’s team profiled 8 students and friends who are succeeding with affiliate marketing. When you join today, you will get instant access to every case study and profile they have done through September of 2019. ($376 value)
BONUS #2: Exclusive Secrets of Closing Affiliate Sales Training. There are things that top affiliates know about closing sales that you probably don’t. This is what separates them from the competition and allows them to dominate affiliate contests. Learn the secrets from this two-year study of more than 40 affiliate promotions and begin closing more sales! ($197 value)
BONUS #3: Access to the AIM Insider’s Club. You get 24/7 access to the private AIM Insider’s Club, an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs on the same journey as you. Who knows how lonely this entrepreneurial journey can feel sometimes…but it doesn’t have to feel that way…not with this community. ($988/year value)
BONUS #4: 3 Months of Affiliates Management Playbook. You get access to AMP, the next monthly membership program. This is not just for affiliate managers but ANYONE who is running an affiliate program (or wants to). ($291 value)
The Total Bonus Value $1852 in the first year alone!

I can’t think of a way to tell you how legit this is! I seriously was not making any money from affiliate marketing until I found this!

Affiliate Insider Monthly

If you aren’t ready yet, fill out this form to get a free checklist to build a website for free. I have put this together to help beginners skip a lot of the figuring it out and get started right away!

22 thoughts on “Exactly What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing

  1. You are very right anyone can start a website but driving traffic and earning commission rightly is the most important path of creating the blog. Their are lots of expensive membership program, but seeing this with 1$ for the first 2 months, means their must be value in here. I have joined via your link to discover how to monetize my website 

    1. What’s up P!

      I have to say, I have learned so much from Matt! He also has a podcast The Affiliate Guy that I listen to when I am driving. from this I have learned, it is great to make money from your sites but the most important thing is to serve your customer. This is easiest done through providing high-quality products and being involved! 

      Good luck to you mister!


  2. Interesting, I would be curious what you did differently when you followed Matts advice? You said you had a website up and running for a full year with no sales. Where you not writing regular quality content? 
    What has Matt got that no other program has got because there are some good ones out there, just wondering what makes his different?

    1. Hi Dave, 

      You are correct there are a lot of good programs out there. This is the best I have found and it has worked for me. I am constantly creating quality content and posting on my blogs. I think a lot of it is simply competition for organic traffic. 

      There are two things that Matt helped me with specifically that I will share. I was introduced to the List Launch Challengewhich rocketed my email list and marketing capabilities. Then there was something I picked up from the Affiliate Insider Monthly, it is Stu McLaren’s Tribe Membership. This has taught me how to start a membership site that nails down residual income. It is a closed membership and only opens once a year. You can get on the waiting list for that by scrolling to the bottom of this article and enter your information.

      I am not blowing smoke here, this has really worked for me!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hi Matt
    Having just joined premium today and reading this I have to say when I get my head around everything else i will definitely be hooking up with you. Great content mate!

    1. Hello Mark,

      I was in the backend of my site today and came across this comment that has not been there until now. Maybe a glitch in the system but either way I am willing to respond now that I see it.

      I am Chad the owner of this site, IF your response is to the article this comment is left on I will be glad to get together and share some of the information I have learned. I too am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate. It is where I started all of my efforts in affiliate marketing.

      Since I have started, I have learned soo much about this industry it can be overwhelming but WA and Matt McWilliams have kept me on course and made this a profitable activity.

      Once you have your feet on the ground and are ready to expand, come back and check out My Tool Kit. There are some very useful links on this page!


  4. Starting an affiliate home business is what all beginning entrepreneurs dream off. Easy money earned from home. The thing about wondering if an affiliate marketing program is on the legit, and that is a marketing program’s longevity. If a program has ‘staying power’ then it must be ok to involve yourself in the marketing program. In other words. all affiliate marketing programs are not the same. 

    1. Hello Mr. Kennedy,

      I do look at affiliate marketing as a business. with any business, it takes some work if you wish to succeed. Even if you are the guy in the right place at the right time with the right product, it still takes work to make things happen and keep them running. 

      Think of a Fortune 500 business and the CEO of that business. How did they get there? Was it handed to them or did they subscribe and read Forbes magazine? Did they do their homework? Did they learn from others, even mentors? 

      That to me is what I am sharing here. I have all of my web hosting and a lot of training from Wealthy Affiliate and through this process have become acquainted with Matt Mcwilliams and use his programs to expand what I have already started. So, you are correct, no program is the same. Also, no program has it all. It takes a library of resources to be successful in any business. 

      If you would like to grow your email list, I recommend List Launch Challenge and I learned that from Affiliate Insider Monthly.

      I wish you the best!


  5. When I started out working online, I thought I would be caught up selling physical products and was worried that that was going to be my activity for life. Also i have never seen myself as being able to sell something to someone. Things changed when i learned about affiliate marketing. I am just getting into it and life is so much easier. Of course I am interested to learn more about it and I am ready to check out this source of information. Thank you

    1. Hey JJ,

      I think this information is focused on the beginner to intermediate. Once inside you will learn and expand to meet your desire. This is what has really put me in motion to scale up and be much more successful! 

      Matt is a great guy, he has a lot of experience to share and is willing to do so. That is part of what I have learned from this is that you must serve your customers and seek out the best products. That is why I have teamed up with him, to help others!

      I hope this information helps you thrive! If you have any questions or concerns please reach out, I will be glad to help!


  6. Seeing as it literally costs $2 for the first two months I don’t see any reason not to check it out.
    Heck, I’d imagine people could even make a new account after those first two just to keep access to the content. How does that work though? Is that actually possible or do they have methods to prevent people from abusing the system by making new accounts and never paying the full price?

    1. Hey there, 

      I am sure there are ways to hack the system as there is in about everything. It is an automated journey that starts out with dated materials. With all the tracking links and analytics it is quite easily set up to know who is an active member who would have access to the latest content. 

      I think once one reaps the benefits of the membership it is easy to see the value is worth every penny. 

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you check this out!


  7. Thanks for explaining affiliate marketing. I have some free time since working from home and would like to make additional income. For an introvert like me, affiliate marketing seems a very good choice to make more income. Is it possible to make it your full-time work if work hard for it? The cost to start it seems fair, so I’ll consider it soon. Thanks

    1. Hi Alblue,

      I am glad you found this information useful! I do hope you put it to good use. That is the difference between someone who reads and learns and someone who reads, learns, and does. That last part is what will make you successful!

      If you would like to really launch a successful online business check out this link!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Looks like something worth while with all the bonuses. I wonder thought if they are really worth the tag listed LOL.  I tend to remember things better when I research something on my own and then apply it.  I guess that goes to web design and implementing my blog as well.  Although I am sure this would be useful, I don’t see myself using it.  Great review.  The green font for the bonuses is very hard to read and made my eyes hurt.  Maybe change the color to something a little easier to read and on the eye.

    1. Hello Leahrae,

      I think if you are in affiliate marketing this is something you could use. I am not saying it is the only thing out there and there are different strokes for different folks. 

      I am not sure about what tag you are referring to but I have been working with Matt for a while now and I have never found anything he said to not be true. In fact, that is a large part of why I am promoting this product. It is all developed from experience from a multi-million dollar entrepreneur who bases his efforts on integrity and benevolaence. 

      He is always helping people, honest, and upfront. Exactly the kind of people I like to deal with. 

      Thank you for the constructive criticism, sometimes making something hard to read works. The people who focus enough to get through it are willing to put in the effort to succeed. No pain no gain, right?


  9. A buck! nothing to lose and everything to gain There are many programs floating around online, it is a toss of the dice to know which to join. A $1.00 for the first two months is very fair and gives you enough time to take it for a test drive. 

    The bonuses look good too. So I will take a look. Many people like me are looking at ways to earn online now that our usual careers are no longer careers given the covid dramas.

    1. Hey Michael,

      You are so right, this is really worth what you would have in it. The value in this information has the possibility to have an ROI that any investor would jump on.

      Take it for a spin, if nothing else you will learn something useful!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  10. When I first started I didn’t know anything about Affiliate and how I was suppose to make money, but with time the results came. It requires a lot of work on our part.

    You can’t take this journey alone you will need professional help, and watching videos from YouTube won’t always do it so you will need a very good affiliate program.

    I am glad you reviewed this one for anyone who is looking. 1$ is nothing in a month, well it depends where you live. Much can be done in that month.

    Thanks for sharing with us. 

    1. Hello Fatoumata,

      I am glad you pointed this out! It is not possible to do this all by yourself. It takes a library of information and knowledge to get it right.

      The value I received from Affiliated Insider Monthly was way more than the regular price. To be able to get in for a dollar is amazing!



  11. Your article on Exactly What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing piqued my interest. It sounds as if AIM is definitely a practical solution for affiliate marketers. Increasing revenue is the main aim for all of us and I really think it could be worthwhile to join at the heavily discounted rate for the first two months to see just what it offers. Thanks for this information.

    1. Hi Jenni, 

      I have honestly learned so much from Matt! Even if there was no discount, AIM is worth every dime.

      Once you have the Affiliate Insider Monthly, you will also have access to so many more tools. These are what has improved all of my efforts.

      Glad you found this!



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