Where Are You Going?


I am happy where I am!

  • I don’t need shiny objects…
  • Have no need for platitudes…
  • Rank does not entice me…
  • Do not plan to get rich (nothing wrong with that)

I want to succeed…

  • Of course!
  • I’m on my way, but I’m happy now.
  • Some people are never happy… constantly searching for that pot of gold.
  • WA can give you everything you need, but you must be content with yourself.
  • Be happy with where you are, but strive to go higher!
  • Check out this Blog to set you in motion.

It’s time to put down roots…

  • You’ve found a home… no need to keep searching.
  • Grow where you’re planted!
  • Make the best of your current situation.
  • Settle it in your mind that you will make a success here.

Couldn’t find a better quote than this one by Abraham Lincoln:

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Make it happen here in WA… this is where the pot of gold is!

This is probably the most asked question?

  • It is especially asked by newbies or people who have been here a few weeks.
  • They have not seen any income and have the misconception that money comes fast!
  • Not! Just doesn’t often happen… it is possible, but not probable.
  • Mainly because it takes time to build a business on the internet or anywhere.

Time… just takes time!

  • You can’t rush it… if you do, you’re sure to fall flat on your face!
  • There just are no shortcuts. No magic bullets that will shoot you to the top!
  • WA has a proven system that works… just takes too long for some people…
  • Just no way to get around it.
  • Speaking from experience, it takes focus and determination.

You will paint a beautiful painting…

  • Just follow the rules. Do the work… the lessons are necessary.
  • Build your website according to the directions… don’t reinvent the wheel!
  • Time…. time… time… patience… focus… that’s the only answer.

Ever said something you regretted?

  • Wish you could pull it back?
  • Everyone does. Without thinking. The heat of the moment.
  • Forgot the rules. Offended someone. Got banned.
  • Yes, it is usually unintentional. But, it’s out there!

Wish you could apologize?

  1. Learn from it!
  2. Don’t let it happen again.
  3. Usually best to just learn and move on…
  4. Don’t cry over spilled milk!

Now for the other side of the coin!

  • Don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve!
  • Be tolerant and understanding.
  • Be slow to condemn… you may find yourself in the same spot!
  • We all make mistakes… YOU too!

I leave you with this quote from Bob Dylan:

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”

My school teacher mother often reminded me:

“If you can’t improve on the silence, keep your mouth shut.”

Still good advice.

But if you have something to say!

Start with a great heading!

  • Make sure you know what you’re writing about… research!
  • Be brief… long blogs tend to be boring… keep it simple.
  • Try to grab their attention with great media… meaningful… relevant.
  • Say something…. don’t leave us hanging, wondering what this is about?

Be different… stand out!

  • Tell me something I don’t know…
  • Make me want to read more… leave me breathless!
  • That’s what people want to see…
  • Don’t know how to do that?
  • Read other blogs” Which ones do you enjoy… imitate them!

All electrical appliances have to be plugged in!

  • They all require a power source…
  • WA is no different. If you aren’t plugged in, doing the lessons, building the website…
  • Must be writing good content… checking your keywords…
  • Monitoring your SEO… these are daily/weekly tasks.

You won’t get far unless you recharge…

  • Applies to life… your human batteries need to be charged…
  • Proper rest… that’s why weekends and vacations were created.
  • Everyone needs to recharge their natural batteries.
  • At my age (48), there have been many times of refreshing.

Stay plugged into WA…

  • Keep doing the lessons and training.
  • If you haven’t started blogging at WA, begin today!
  • Get connected with other members in the chat room…
  • Read other’s blogs to see what they are saying.

Plugin and enjoy life and WA! Do it Here!

8 thoughts on “Where Are You Going?

  1. I can definitely see that there is actually hope out there for reliable affiliate programs that will teach you how to do everything correctly and will actually take the time to be honest and concise with their work. I also appreciate your article because you have been very honest and open about this whole situation and you have really explained everything very clearly

    1. Hi Misael,

      I am so glad you found this useful. It is true there are people out there that are willing to help. One of my favorite things about WA is the community. The people are all so willing to help. It is not like anything I have found anywhere else. It is like having your own team in starting an online business.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Hi Chad, you really nailed this review of creating an online affiliate business. I’m always surprised that many people start but few continue with their website business and now 2 years down the track for me, I can see that you have to be very tenacious and focused on your goal. But everyone has had a job and worked hard for someone else and continued doing that to pay their bills, so why not work as hard for yourself and build an asset that you own forever?

    It’s a different mindset and I felt that you made some great points in your article. Thanks for reminding me how brilliant Wealthy Affiliate and all its lessons are for keeping me on track.

    1. Hi Lily,

      I am grateful for all that has been provided through Wealthy Affiliate. The training, the people, the support when I needed it. I can’t imagine I will ever stop using this platform even if I were to become a professional.

      My goal in this post is to give people a reason to join. A little motivation to move forward and start a new way to make money and improve their lives.

      I hope you the best!


  3. Hey Chad,

    I love your website and the article you wrote is superb. Everything you wrote is 100% true. I know because I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years now and have been an affiliate marketer since 2008. I’ve seen it all and done it all from paid ads to SEO. If you want to succeed Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be! Kyle and my favorite “Jay” will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. 

    The KEY to success is to have faith in what you’re doing along with a lot of patience. It takes time to build an online business but once things start to click. There’s no better way to make money than online. Once you make that first sale it’s all down hill from there if you continue to take action.

    Keep up the GREAT work Chad!


    1. Hello, hello,

      Thanks for the kind words! It is a testament to what I have said about Wealthy Affiliate. Everyone I have dealt with is always so eager to help or at least contribute to the wellbeing of others. It really is a lot of fun too.

      I hope this reaches many people and helps to realize there are ways to make money online that you can really enjoy!



  4. This is a beautifully written article . I couldn’t stop reading. It is enlightening to those who want to start with Wealthy Affiliate and encouraging to those who have already started but feel that the progress is too slow. I like the idea of being content where you are without any pressure to run after some shiny objects 

    1. Hello Bogadi,

      Thanks for the kind words! 

      There has to be a motive in what you do, it is great to set goals, and one should enjoy what they are doing. It has been said if you enjoy what you are doing you never work a day in your life. That is where running a blog comes in. 

      Of course, I had a goal to make some additional money and it is working but I had no idea how much I would enjoy doing the research, learning, and writing on topics that I like. It really has been very much fun for me! 

      I hope this reaches many people who have yet to start and ones who just need a little motivation to continue. 

      I am hoping to help those people.



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