What Do You Do If You Have A Dream? Just Do It Already!


The hardest thing about starting is starting!

  • I’m sure that is a shock to some…
  • I find the hardest thing to do in the morning is to make up my mind to start.
  • Once my mind is made up and I have started my day, it gets easier!
  • Putting my feet on the floor is the beginning…
  • From there, it is downhill.

What are you waiting for?

  • Do you need a reason to get started?
  • Need encouragement to begin your website?
  • Does someone need to give you a  push to start the lessons?
  • Waiting for the right time to begin your blog?
  • Excuses… not reasons… that’s what I hear more than anything.

The first step can be the hardest!

  • The secret? Make it! Not rocket science… make a list of things to do today…
  • Then start doing it. Do the easiest thing first. Check them off as you go.
  • It’s a great feeling to watch your list disappear… so start.
  • You’re waiting for what?

What do you do if you have a dream?

I heard someone once say,

“If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting ready for it. What you should be doing is getting started.”

This is the best answer I have heard that covers all of these questions.

Stop dreaming and start doing!

I am here to help you by sharing Where I Started Affiliate Marketing.

Begin your journey, your adventure, and start working toward your dream!

Best of luck to you!


6 thoughts on “What Do You Do If You Have A Dream? Just Do It Already!

  1. Hey Chad! This is great, and I can totally relate to it. Over the last year, I decided to quit my job and pursue an online living. I wish that I would’ve had your article for motivation years ago! After years of being afraid to take that leap and go “offroading” toward my dreams, I finally decided to face my fears and do it. From what I’ve seen, way too many people hold themselves back just like I did because they’re afraid of the unknown. It’s a shame to see, though I can obviously understand why people do it. Thank you for passing this along; I know that many people can benefit from reading it. Take care! 

    1. Hello Derek,

      I am grateful for your comment! It is a bit of a challenge to make that leap. I like the analogy of “offroading”. This is something I can relate to. It can be bumpy, and challenging but soooo much fun! It is also a perfect explanation because it is the road less traveled. 

      I commend you for following your dreams and becoming your own boss. I hope you the best and urge others to follow! 

      Be good my friend! 


  2. I’ll share this article to some of my friends and it’s gonna be helpful to them. I always low to read about this that’ll gear me up and make realise the fact that every information is useful. Thank you for sharing this interesting and very resourceful article, it is of great help to me and I know it’ll be to many others.

    1. Uncle Bolt, 

      I am grateful for you sharing my article. It is good information and my goal is to help others find what I have found. This has been so helpful to me and I agree, I think it will be to others.

      I try to stay away from commenting on the COVID pandemic we have all been subjected to but I think this has left so many people with a new motivation to find a new source of income. If you are working from home or not working at all, this is something you can do in your spare time. It truly is a great resource. 



  3. Hello there, Chad! This is a great article! I agree that with anything, starting is always the hardest part EVEN something as simple as getting out of bed. It feels very uncomfortable but once one gets past that, the momentum starts to build as one continues the journey. This actually happened to me when I started affiliate marketing. I discovered it earlier last year and just kept putting it off (of course I was still in school at the time), but I finally started during my break and have been continuing since I started it. Even if it was a rough start, we learn as we go (and still learning). Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hello Mike, 

      This is the simple point I am trying to make. If one has an inkling that there is something they want to do, if you don’t get started it won’t happen. This is true with anything in life. Of course, I am hoping to help people get started in building their own online business but it is true in everything in life.

      If you have a dream just get started!



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