Financial Freedom, Where To Start


Hello There!


This past month, I was able to help several families

go from a life of work and restriction,

living paycheck to paycheck,

having to report to a boss,


  • Freedom to spend more quality time with their family,
  • Freedom to be able to pay off their debts,
  • Freedom to gain the wealth they deserve,
  • Freedom to take a day off whenever they desire,
  • Freedom to serve their community, and
  • Freedom to live their life as they please!

I LOVE what I do because I get to help people just like you go from a life of

  • captivity,
  • enslavement,
  • subjugation,
  • and dependency.

To a life of

  • liberty,
  • self-determination,
  • release,
  • total independence!

.. in order to be totally free,

you MUST have enough TIME

to be able to enjoy the things you long for!

In order to have time, you need enough wealth so you do NOT have to spend time (most of your day) earning money anymore!

Having to work for someone else and being underpaid can


That is everyone’s dream.. to be able to be totally free.

I work only a few hours per day!

When I am done,

I go do whatever I like for the rest of the day!

Like I said above,

I help families gain freedom through wealth.




This is what I have done and I am HAPPY!! Click the banner below and you will be happy too!!

6 thoughts on “Financial Freedom, Where To Start

  1. As a keen FIRE movement enthusiast, any article on financial freedom catches my eye! Great site. I also use WA as part of my financial freedom strategy and find it an excellent resource for building my network marketing organisation. Any residual income is great and i love that the WA programme pays so well and monthly recurring. Thanks for the article and keep up the great work Chad. 

    1. Thanks Rick! 

      It truly is a great platform. I hope this reaches many people who are struggling in these trying times. Maybe even ones who suddenly have a little extra time and could use the information to Blastoff toward financial freedom!

      Good luck to with your online marketing!


  2. Hi Chad – I’ve taken the same journey as you and am also excited about giving myself and helping others to gain financial freedom… and it’s totally achievable as you know. It’s not a ‘click this button and become a millionaire’ scam and it does require hard work and effort, but it’s totally achievable…

    1. You are so right Mohammad.

      I will say this too, obstacles are those ugly things you see when you take your eyes off of your goals! Stay focused, be persistent, and enjoy it every step of the way!

      I do truly enjoy helping out! 
      Thanks for participating!


  3. Hello. It’s a really amazing website. I am one of those people who will leave if they are not interested in the first paragraph. your article made me read to the end. Thanks to you, people are gaining confidence in wealthy affiliates and I am excited about such articles.I also use the WA platform and I hope a lot more people will start soon.

    1. Hello Tessa, 

      It is great to see so many people succeeding in one place! It is truly proof that this works!

      Thank you for the kind words! It is a bit of a short article but intended for motivation.

      Hope to help people see this is the spot!

      Thanks Chad

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